We can supply, install and repair all brands of heat pumps, air conditioners and ventilation systems.

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Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners

  • Heat pumps work as heaters in cold weather and automatically adjust as air conditioners when the space is hot.
  • Heat pumps are among the most efficient heating option on the market - Consumes Institute
  • A 6 star heat pump will use 1 KW of electricity to produce about 5 KW of heat - EECA
Modern air conditioners/ Heat pumps come with a variety of features and high tech sensors and filtration systems. Leading brands such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Gree, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Toshiba etc. have some specific features developed by them. Specific features of leading brands of heat pumps:
  • Intelligent Eye detects your presence in room and if you leave the room for more than 20 minutes, the Heat pump/Air conditioner will go into economy mode of operation to save you the power.
  • Iron Freshener - Negative iron generator - creates feeling of freshness
  • High coefficient of performance - saving you power costs and most efficient operation
  • Inverter system - variable speed compressor to match the heating/cooling load and energy saving - constant temperature comfort

Ventilation Systems

The building code G4 document specifies the ventilation requirements for all types of buildings. Ventilation for acceptable air quality standard NZS 4303 stipulates the minimum ventilation rates and indoor air quality that will be acceptable to human occupants and are intended to avoid adverse health effects. Ventilation systems shall be designed and installed so that the ventilation air is supplied throughout the occupied zone. There are minimum ventilation rates for residential, commercial, institutional, vehicular and industrial spaces. Ventilation Systems Kool Air Services can design ventilation systems for a variety of applications such as:
  • Dry cleaners, Laundries
  • Food and beverage service - Dining rooms, cafeteria, fast food bars, cocktail lounges, kitchens
  • Garages, Service stations, enclosed parking garage, auto repair rooms
  • Hotels, motels, Resorts - Bed rooms, Living rooms, Baths, Lobbies, Conference rooms, Assembly rooms, gaming casinos etc
  • Offices - office space, reception area, computer and server rooms
  • Retail stores, show rooms, storage rooms, warehouses
  • Specialty shops - Barber, beauty saloon, furniture, hardware, supermarkets
  • Sports and amusement area - game rooms
  • Theatres
  • Transport centres
  • Work rooms
  • Photo studios

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